Exceptional hunting opportunities for a diversity of game


stag button White tailed Deer

With an estimated population well over 3 million animals white-tailed deer are the most popular big game animal in Texas. Approximately 475,000 white-tailed deer are harvested by Texas hunters each year. 


bobwhite button Bobwhite-Blue Quail

Learn more about the quail species available to hunt on El Sauz:



nilgaicow button Nilgai Antelope

Proudly the most successful exotic in south Texas, nilgai antelope were initially brought to the United States as zoo animals during the early 1920s but are native to India. 


hog button Wild Boar

The South Texas wild boar population is derived from European hogs imported over a long period of time, beginning with Spanish settlers, and including Russian boars imported in the 1930's for hunting. 


javelina button Javelina

Early Spanish explorers called these small, piglike mammals "javelina." Derived from the Spanish word for javelin it is obvious that they were referring to the sharp, nearly straight canines that characterize this species. 


turkeys button Rio Grande Turkey

Wild turkey are the largest game bird in North America. The Rio Grande subspecies ranges from the central portion of Texas to the southern gulf coastal prairies becoming less frequent in far west Texas and completely absent in deep east Texas. 


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