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South Texas Casual


Carricitas lodge is located within the boundaries of the ranch, just ¾ of a mile north of Highway 186 on an all-weather road.

This private facility is within the boundaries of the ranch. It is easily accessed year-round and during any weather conditions.

The ranch house, cabanas, guide's quarters and commercial grade kitchen allow the facility to accommodate large groups. Two covered parking bays offer hunting vehicles and equipment protection from the elements.

The game-processing facility with walk-in cooler makes game cleaning and storage quick and convenient.

A 100-yard rifle range provides a safe environment for shooting sports, target practice and sighting-in. Firearms may be secured in a climate-controlled gun storage and cleaning facility.

An outdoor fire-pit and patio area creates the perfect ambiance for post-hunt gatherings.


carricitas cabins

2 and 3 room cabanas

CONTACT US 28000 Highway 186, Raymondville, TX 78580