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        javelina smallTayassu tajacu

        Emilysue javalina smallJavelina Trophy

Early Spanish explorers called these small, piglike mammals "javelina." Derived from the Spanish word for javelin it is obvious that they were referring to the sharp, nearly straight canines that characterize this species.

Collared peccary top-out at about 60 pounds. Dark, bristly hair covers the body, and a distinct white stripe (collar) runs across the shoulders. Collared peccaries are herd animals. A distinct rump gland exudes an odiferous musk that is used to mark a herd's home range as well as communicate within the herd.

Collared Peccary evolved in the rainforests of South America. Over time the species migrated north across Central America, through Mexico and into the United States. Arizona, New Mexico and Texas are the only states in the U.S. that have collared peccary. Of those three states Texas boasts the largest population.

Although collared peccary are classified as game animals, there is no closed season for collared peccary in South Texas, which means this species is available for year-round hunting excursions.


The Mammals of Texas – Collared Peccary


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