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 hog n cow small Wild Boar (Sus scrofa)

        EmilysueBoar small Wild boar hunt

The South Texas wild boar population is derived from European hogs imported over a long period of time, beginning with Spanish settlers, and including Russian boars imported in the 1930's for hunting. They have established significant populations in various places along the Rio Grande River and Coastal Plains.

Characteristics vary depending on the breed of the ancestral stock. Coloration includes black, blonde and everything in between - even spotted. Mature males approach 300 pounds and develop long curved tusks that serve as formidable weapons.

Feral hogs are known to breed year round. Gestation is about 115 days. Litter size varies from one to seven with two being average.

Feral hogs may be hunted year-round and make fine table fare.


The Mammals of Texas – Feral Hog

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