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        velvet buck small Velvet buck in spring

        dustybuck small Dusty's first buck

White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) are popular game on El Sauz Ranch. Our deer herds have been managed for sport hunting since 1986.

With an estimated statewide population well over 3 million, white-tailed deer are also the most popular big game animal in Texas. Approximately 475,000 white-tailed deer are harvested by Texas hunters each year.

White-tails occur throughout the state, and South Texas is well known for producing trophy class animals. White-tailed deer grow and shed their antlers annually. There seems to be an almost infinite variety in the number and location of points. However, four to six points projecting from a main beam is the most common arrangement.

In south Texas breeding occurs November through January. Gestation is approximately 210 days. Fawns are born June through August. Twinning is common among white-tailed deer.

The general season for white-tailed deer in south Texas is November 5th through January 15th.


The Mammals of Texas – White-tailed Deer



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