Wildlife Research on El Sauz Ranch

In order to promote innovation in wildlife management, El Sauz Ranch supports and works closely with Texas A&M University - Kingsville,
the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute, and The Peregrine Fund.

Partner Links

Sample Past Projects

    Habitat Preference and Grazing Interactions of Nilgai Antelope in South Texas
            Poncho Ortega, David Hewitt and Tim Fulbright

    Vegetative and Arthropod Responses to Various Discing Regimes
            J. Lane Roberson, Fidel Hernandez, Leonard A. Brennan, Timothy E. Fulbright, Ralph L. Bingham, and Robert Perez

    Improving Buffelgrass Stands for Quail Habitat Using Native Forbs
            Tim Fulbright and Aaron Tjamelend

    Northern Aplomado Falcon Project


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